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Dear Possible/Current OEB Enthusiast,

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 1:45 AM

I want to help those interested in becoming involved with this breed to become informed breed enthusiasts. There are definitely some confusing aspects to this breed. Some may have questions such as: Why do different OEB's from different parts of the world look so different? Why do some registries claim to have the only true OEB's? Are they really just a "healthy English Bulldog"? What's the best registry for the OEB and what I want from my OEB? The best way to get all this info, quickly and in a nutshell, is to contact someone who has already done all of the rather tedious research. That's me. :) Have questions about where they come from? Call me. (at this number 7067832142) Questions about positive and negative points about each registry. Call me. (or 7065108245) Questions about how to find an actual healthy English Bulldog if that's just really what you're looking for? Call me. (or 7069882988) Questions about how to go about the adoption process in general and what to expect from a good breeder? Or about dog behavior and how to discipline or reinforce your pet? Well, you get the picture...Just ring me up!


My purpose here is not to just push a puppy or specific breed on you, have the best sales, get the highest price for my dogs, etc. My goal is to be able to continue in my passion, help others benefit from the years and years of full-time research I've placed into this whole breed, and to have the highest adoption satisfaction rate possible for those who do decide that me and my dogs are the right fit. As a dog lover and former rescue/shelter volunteer, the larger concern for me is generally the state of pet animals across the world, and making sure I am a positive force in the lives of my dogs and in my chosen breed. I believe I have a very valuable insight into the adoption process and I would never withhold that just because someone's not buying a dog from me, and I would never be dishonest about information just to "sell" a dog.


The focus here at Piney Grove is to create one of the best experiences in adoption possible. While breeding quality puppies and dogs is a passion and ultimate goal (of course it is!), it is not the only important thing to consider for someone involved with animals for adoption. We encourage everyone who is looking into adopting a puppy or any animal for that matter, to expect only the best from the chosen breeder or rescue center. It is best when dealing with living creatures to only support those who are involved in the most ethical way. Producing a litter of beautiful puppies is something anyone can do if they purchase top quality breeding stock. (I'm sure we all agree, it doesn't take much for puppies to be beautiful!) But being involved with breeding animals is so much more than merely production. If production and profit are the ONLY considerations, then the welfare of the animals and the adopters is not at the heart of a program. Please support good, dedicated, responsible breeders and rescues!


It is good to support only those who have made it a mission to approach adoption in the most ethical, honest, supportive manner possible, and that is for the safety and welfare of the animals. We are always working toward improving the standards for how humans treat the dog population.



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