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Dedicated breeding program for Olde English Bulldogges:

Family. Loyalty. Strength. Health. Temperament. Tradition. and......Puppies!

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Piney Grove Kennel's "Mission Statement"

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 1:40 AM

Why adopt from Piney Grove?


We strive to offer an above standard adoption process. 

We offer lifetime rehoming support, so any pup or dog adopted from Piney Grove is insured of always having a home. If any animal we produce needs a home, it has one here at Piney Grove. But I very much try to screen my potential adopters and be completely honest with them about issues so that no one ever has to bring a dog back to me. So far no one has turned a pup back into me, so I must be doing something right!!


I have dedicated over 7 years of extensive study, research, practical application of responsible, ethical breeding and adoption practices to this one particular breed of dog, so you can be assured that when you adopt a puppy from me, you are getting the opinion and guidance of an informed and experienced breeder. This means that the 7 years of full time research and hard work that I've put into this can benefit adopters, especially first time adopters, who can sometimes fall into the trap of a well designed front for what is technically a puppy mill (a place that breeds with no other consideration than profit and production rate) or either just a person who got two dogs and threw them together, no knowledge for the ancestry, aspects of the breed, or even any general knowledge of breeding in general (a "backyard" breeder).


I do not limit sharing my knowledge and expertise to those who adopt directly from me, so feel free to call me with any questions about breeders or the adoption process. Also, you will always be able to find my contact information. I have a very transparent online presence, and that equates to knowing who you're dealing with even if you're across the globe.


I strive to offer the best service to my potential adopters. I always keep in the forefront of any interaction that adoption is a highly personal process, and adopters deserve to deal with a person willing to treat them with preferential treatment and the utmost respect. You are invited into my extended family when you adopt from me, and there you will stay. I do not treat this process the same as I would treat selling a TV. This is a baby and is a sacred life, and I am looking to entrust this baby's life with the wonderful people whom I serve.


I will NEVER make you feel like you are bothering me with too many questions or requests for information. I APPLAUD those who are very detailed in their questioning of me. It really does something to boost my confidence that my puppies are really finding the most wonderful home. So I actually enjoy a detailed question and answer session.


I will stand behind each and every puppy that I produce...for life!




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