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Some Thoughts on Responsible Puppy Adoption

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 1:40 AM

This website is not only about "selling" puppies. (Quotations are in place around "selling" because I do not even like to apply this term to the process. It is an adoption. A lifetime commitment to a being that will have the mental acuity of a toddler child, with a lifespan of an average of 15 years. This is not the same as buying a TV on clearance.) I am always trying to add relevant information to this site. There are many issues concerning the Olde English Bulldogge breed and pet ownership in general. I try to include information that will help people to decide if this is the breed for their family, to inform potential adopters about any issue I feel is relevant to puppy ownership, and I also try to discourage "impulse" buying.


I feel that, as a breeder, it is my responsibility to consider issues relevant to my breed in particular as well as to pets in general. And, I want the very first thing anyone learns about me is that I am dedicated to always having open doors to any pet I place in any home. I take personal responsibility for these puppies. And I am here even if you find several years down the road that you are not ready to make this commitment. It is my goal, though, to help people to find the information necessary to insure that they are ready for a lifelong commitment to this animal.


I hope to present this information in an organized and engaging way. And I try not to clutter the site too much, although I find it hard to keep from doing that. There is so much wonderful and interesting information to be read concerning pets! I have found an article that I would like to lead with on my homepage, because I feel it is very well written and thought out, and that it is very relevant to my chosen profession as a breeder and to any and all pet owners.


Read: Worldwide Pet Overpopulation Epidemic This article makes a very relevant point about pet overpopulation. Although many people blame breeders for the problem, it is more complex than just too many animals being available for adoption. There are aspects of ownership that every adopter should consider. Although it is exciting to "shop" for a new puppy, to browse through all of these adorable pictures and videos and consider which is the "perfect" fit for you, don't forget that this adorable little puppy absolutely will grow into a dynamic individual adult with its own personality, needs, demands, and problems. While I want to make your search for your new pet as enjoyable as possible, I must consider what is best for the puppy. Know that he or she will not be a perfect individual, and In the same way most people would not create a baby and just abandon it at the first sign of trouble, such as colic, you should not consider it an option to abandon this puppy the first time it chews an inappropriate object or stinks up your home with an accident.


FACT: Dogs are messy! But with time, consideration, consistency, and a good deal of patience, your puppy will mature into a wonderful and satisfying companion for you and your children. And hopefully those messes will be fewer and farther between every single year. As the breeder, it is my job to put in the blood, sweat, and tears into my breeding program to help create a companion that will make you proud in relation to its temperament and its good looks as a bulldog, and also to try to find serious adopters who I have armed with the best information I have available to me. As an adopter, it is your responsibility to be sure that this animal is going to be your companion, "Till death do you part" and not just some accessory that you will tire of in years to come. Also, please consider what message you will be sending your children should you abandon any animal at the first sign of trouble. I do not mean to come off as harsh, but I do want to be serious about this issue. They are, after all, once and lil' babies. :)



Mandy Stowe Matthews

Owner/Manager of Piney Grove Kennels


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