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Deposit Policy for Piney Grove Kennels

Posted on November 2, 2016 at 8:50 PM

Deposits can be placed in the amount of $500 to reserve a pick on a current or upcoming litter.  Deposits are refundable if we cannot provide the customer with the puppy on which the deposit has been made.  (Refunds are processed once all pups from the litter have been placed and pay-offs received)  If a customer places a deposit, but withdraws from the adoption before the pups are 8 weeks of age, we will give the customer a "credit" at Piney Grove Kennels towards the purchase of a future puppy.  If a customer withdraws from the adoption after the pups are 8 weeks of age, the deposit is considered forfeit.  Please contact us before placing a deposit.  You must be approved for adoption before placing a deposit.

Development of the Breed Over Time

Posted on May 18, 2015 at 3:05 PM

This breed has "English" and "Bulldog" in the name, but is most definitely a different breed.  However, many of the people who contact me looking to adopt an OEB are more familiar with the English Bulldog breed.  They just know that they don't want the health problems that come with an EB and they want a dog that's going to live longer, or don't want to support breeding practices that create short lived, unhealthy dogs like many EB's.  But many people generally don't know the true differences, which is why I thought it would be a good idea to write this piece detailing some of the development of the breed.  An OEB puppy that is bred to be a standard OEB may start out pretty heavily wrinkled.  Not quite as wrinkled as an English, but still, a pup that could be mistaken for an English.  That is from birth to 4-5 weeks of age though.  At that point, an OEB pup will most likely begin to "stretch out".  They shoot up and out and start heading towards their lanky phase.  Most OEB pups will have hit into their lanky/awkward phase by 12-16 weeks of age. This is the stage where many people may worry that their bulldog won't grow up to look like a bulldog at all.  At that point, you have until the pup is a bit over a year old before you really start seeing the true potential for full-grown-bulldog-hood.  :)  Here are some examples from dogs I have produced.

Matty McScrubs Aiken

Matty started off as the runt of his litter, with the strangest looking ears I've ever seen...

That was Matty at 6 weeks of age. 

But in this next picture, he was closer to 5-6 months of age.

You can see that his head is beginning to "eat" up some of his ears.  

Next is a picture of Matty at about 8 months of age.  He's still in the "lanky" phase, but starting to fill out a bit and take on more of his true shape...

Now, I'll show you two pictures of Matty at just a tad over a year old.  Keep in mind that, expecially with male OEB's, their development truly isn't over until they are about 2 1/2 to 3 years of age, so in these following pictures, Matty is still just a "teenager" as far as his development is concerned.  

As I get more time, I'll publish more photographs in this series showing the development of the OEB.

Contract-Health Guarantee-Purchase Agreement

Posted on February 6, 2015 at 11:30 AM

Purchase Agreement & Health Guarantee


Piney Grove Kennels

Bobby and Mandy Matthews

67 Matthews Sims Road.

Comer, GA 30629




Date: _____________                   Payment Amount/Type _______________

Puppy’s Name:_______________________

DOB:__________________        Sex:__________

Dam: ________________                                        Sire:______________________

Customer Name: __________________________Phone __________________________

Address:____________________________. City:______________  St:_____Zip: _______

Email: _________________________


We want you and your puppy to be happy and we do our best to match the puppy with the needs of you the buyer. We cannot guarantee that this will be the perfect match and advise new dog owners to take a class and educate themselves about owning a new puppy, and we also encourage you to enter an obedience course with your new puppy. Remember, the general consensus is that there are no bad dogs only uneducated/inexperienced owners. The more educated you are about how to treat and train a dog and communicate with him/her the better the relationship will be all around. Websites we recommend to begin the learning process are as follows: and .

At the time of purchase, all puppies will be up to date on worming and vaccinations (for their age, be aware you have to maintain the vaccination/worming schedule after adoption) and will have a puppy package that includes, shot record and samples of puppy food the puppy is currently eating so that if you will be switching foods you can do it gradually. We work with the puppies and help to lay the foundation for understanding potty training by incorporating aspects of the Misty Method, but we encourage you to educate yourself on the best methods of training by reading up to date literature on the subject. (Reference dogbreedinfo and leerburg to learn more) Also, please understand that when you bring any new puppy into your home, you are going to be responsible for teaching the puppy clearly what the new routines and boundaries are at your home. Every household schedule is different, so be prepared to train your puppy in the laws of the land at your home, which will differ from what we do here at Piney Grove Kennels. Please ask if you need assistance with this, and remember that potty training takes time and consistency.


Please read the following statements below and sign your agreement at the bottom:

I, the buyer, understand that the seller cannot guarantee that any animal they sell will never have any health problems. However, the seller will guarantee the puppy to be in good health at the time of the sale. This is a 3 day guarantee. (genetic health guarantee to be discussed further below) Buyer must take the puppy(s) to a licensed Veterinarian within 3 days of purchase at the buyer’s expense for this guarantee to remain valid. The reason for the 3 day time frame is that after 3 days, it is almost impossible to distinguish whether or not the puppy fell ill due to environmental factors/contaminants in their new home, so it is the buyer's responsibility to verify with the puppy's new veterinarian that the puppy is in good health as soon as the puppy is brought to his/her new home. If the puppy is found to be ill at the time of the initial veterinary visit, it is reasonably clear that the puppy is ill because of the breeder, and the visit has been conducted within the three day time frame, then the breeder will either A: take the pup back and refund the purchase price. B: Replace the puppy with a healthy puppy. All veterinary care and travel expense is solely the responsibility of the buyer. Any vaccinations or medications given without the breeders approval during this 3 day period may null and void this health guarantee. This does not apply to common puppy hood conditions, such as worms, that are able to be treated easily and inexpensively with antibiotics or deworming medications. I the buyer understand that any accidents that may occur or anything that the puppy ingests after leaving the care of the seller is the buyer’s responsibility., as there is no way we can control such incidents. (Accidents happen) Take care to “puppy proof” your home before or soon after you bring your puppy home. Make sure cords, socks, and small items are all out of the way. You must treat the puppy as you would a roaming, crawling baby, and safety proof your home accordingly. It is advisable, especially while the pup is learning potty training and adjusting to the new home, that the pup isn't allowed free roam of the entire house. It is best to only let the pup out of his or her safe area, the crate, under supervision. This cuts down on potty accidents and cuts down on the possibility of the pup getting into something the owner overlooks during puppy-proofing.


The buyer understands that if he/she is no longer able to care for the puppy, and cannot find an appropriate home for the pup, then the buyer can and should contact Piney Grove Kennels and make arrangements to find an appropriate home for the puppy, whether that be here at Piney Grove Kennels or to an approved home. This is our Lifetime Rehoming Support and is meant to ensure that none of our puppies or dogs ever end up in a shelter or similar establishment. We will not contribute to the overcrowding of animal shelters. However, we are not normally able to purchase a pup back. But we will always have kennels open to keep a Piney Grove Kennels pup, or we will make space, rather than see one of our pups end up on the street or in a shelter. Be aware that even shelters who claim to be “no kill” will often just send a dog to a kill shelter when they have reached capacity.


I understand that the seller does not guarantee against Parvo or any kind of bacteria and/or viruses after 3 days of purchase. I also understand that vaccination for these diseases does not guarantee that the animal will not contract a disease especially before at least three rounds of vaccines have been given. Please keep the puppy away from any unhealthy pets or areas that have been infected and be aware that Parvovirus can live in areas for a very long time. Also, until your puppy has received it's third round of vaccinations, please keep your puppy quarantined in your home as much as humanly possible. It is highly ill-advised to take your puppy to a place such as PetSmart or rest areas as these are very high traffic areas where you do not know the vaccination status of any of the animals. Also be aware that visitors coming into your home should remove their shoes and wash their hands before handling the pup until such time as the pup has received all necessary boosters. Until your puppy has received the first set of vaccinations, do not let your puppy down on the floor at the vet's office, if at all possible. Carry your pup into the vet's office inside his or her crate, and be sure to sanitize the examination table before setting your puppy on it. If the puppy has sustained health problems resulting from injury, or mistreatment or neglect, after leaving the Seller, the Seller will not assume responsibility for veterinary bills and no refund will be forthcoming. If abuse or neglect is found to be the case, seller may demand the puppy to be returned at the buyer’s expense. Or breeder may arrange to pick up the pup. To be determined by breeder. We are not contractually obligated to pay any vet bills at all, unless we choose to do so.


We cannot guarantee that the dog will not contract mange (sarcoptic mange, Ear mites, or any type of mite mange).  Every dog has a population of mites present on their bodies. There are different specific causes of mange including genetic and environmental factors, as well as stress and nutrition, therefore we cannot guarantee against it. There is, however, a general agreement that if a dog over the age of 1 year progresses to generalized demodectic mange and is unable to fight off the mites, that it is most likely due to an underlying immune system defect based on genetic factors, and we will generally work with adopters to replace or refund a pup that contracts a condition such as this and keeps the condition, or keeps having recurrences of this condition, but we reserve the right to determine, based on the supporting documentation, facts and veterinarian opinions, whether or not to warranty against this situation. We must be contacted at the first signs and symptoms and be a part in making decisions for the treatment and care of this condition for it to be warrantied.

If your dog is used in any sort illegal activity (dog fighting) or is mistreated, malnourished, not provided with quality dog food, abused or not taken care of, this guarantee is completely null and void. (No matter the case we will always take the puppy back before allowing him/her to enter into an unsafe home environment or a shelter or similar establishment)

This puppy will be free from genetic defects, that are life threatening or debilitating (such as defects of the heart, eyes, joints, etc.) at his or her 3 year veterinary check up. If a genetic disease/illness/condition is found by a licensed Veterinarian and presented to the Breeder with sufficient documentation and diagnostic processes to determine that it is truly a genetic, inherited condition, the Breeder will replace the puppy, when one is available from a litter of our choosing. (or we will give a refund of the original purchase price minus any shipping fees, choice of which to be determined by the breeder and refunds are only made available from the funds that come from the sale of puppies, and so before refunds are processed we must make sure the dogs' needs are covered and only take the money from the sale of the puppies. As such, there is not a specific time frame in which the breeder must refund monies. Breeder reserves the right to have the diagnosis confirmed by breeder's own veterinarian at the breeder's expense. The dog must be delivered back to the breeder at the buyer's expense for the second opinion, if a refund or replacement is to be considered. If the diagnoses are conflicting, breeder and adopter will mutually agree upon a third veterinarian as a final resolution to the matter. Breeder is not responsible for any shipping costs or delivery costs. Depending upon the circumstances, the breeder may demand that the original puppy be returned. The cost of returning the pup and having the new pup of breeder's choice shipped back to you is the buyer's responsibility. The breeder is not legally responsible for any veterinarian charges you may incur at your vet for the puppy. (Although this is something we reserve the right to determine on a case by case basis, as we may feel responsible for part of the vet bill)

When you purchase your puppy, he/she has been vet checked, received all necessary vaccinations and worming. The Buyer(s) agrees to provide annual vet exams and to do all vaccinations yearly. Failure to comply with and provide documentation of these requirements voids all guarantees. The buyer further warrants that puppy will be kept in appropriate conditions for its health and welfare. Puppy will be fed a suitable diet for its age and condition. (a protein as first ingredient in the dog food, after potty habits are established, feed your dog enough but not too much to maintain optimum weight, puppy food for the first year, and after that switching to a quality adult food. Visit to assist you in choosing a good dog food. 5 star ratings are the best, but please don't choose anything less than 3 stars.)

The seller does not guarantee size, coat, color, or fertility once the puppy has left our premises. We only warranty genetic conditions that are life-threatening and/or debilitating. If you purchase your pup with intentions to breed, but he or she develops a condition that is no life threatening or debilitating, but that prevents you from breeding the animal, we do not refund. Any time anyone purchases a pup with the intent to breed, there is a certain amount of risk that the puppy will not be breed quality. Although we can guide our customers to choose puppies from litters we feel will be breed quality, we cannot guarantee breed quality. It is just a part of breeding to have to wait until a pup has grown up to determine whether it is a breeding quality animal. Also, we do not warranty coccidiosis, giardia, ear mites, external/internal parasites, viral or bacterial infections that may occur after the three day time frame when the puppy is brought into your environment. As these are also conditions that we cannot guarantee that the puppy will not come in contact with after leaving our environment and most are easily treatable and in nearly every environment. Worms and parasites are just a part of life for dogs, and the best we humans can do is maintain a regular worming/parasite protection schedule. Please understand as well that the change from one home to another is stressful on a young puppy's immune system, and so, I recommend for the first few weeks treating your puppy as you would a newborn baby brought home from the hospital. Do not take him/her to areas where you are unsure if there have been unvaccinated pets/animals etc., keep things as stress-free as possible for your puppy. Leaving his/her brothers, sisters, mother, and all of us here at PGK is a big deal to your pup and coming into your new home environment is also a big deal. It's a lot to take in for a little one, but of course, puppies are resilient and will adjust nicely with the proper care and consideration.

Your puppy will have Piney Grove's as the prefix for its name.

This written agreement is a binding contract entered into the State of Georgia and is the entire agreement between the buyer and seller. All pups will be sold with pet home rights only unless otherwise discussed between breeder and adopter. This guarantee is extended to the original Purchaser only, and is not transferable. All pups' papers will be marked with limited registration unless otherwise discussed between buyer and seller.

***Please keep in mind that feedback is very important. Please send me a picture when your pup is 6 months, then at 1 year, then at 2 and again finally at 3. Also, please update me if there are any issues with your pup along the way. From food allergies, to digestion issues, I want to know. This information helps me to make informed and thoughtful decisions in my breeding program.***



Seller signature: ______________________________________Date_________



Buyer signature: ______________________________________Date_________


Temperament of a Piney Grove production

Posted on February 4, 2015 at 11:10 PM

Description of the ideal temperament of an Olde English Bulldogge copied from various OEB breed standards:

The ideal Olde English Bulldogge is a loyal, courageous dog of medium size with a large powerful head and stout muscular body.


Disposition should be outgoing and happy. While a watchful nature may be expected at home, human aggression without provocation is a disqualifying fault.

They are, first and foremost, excellent companions, while also possessing the drive, temperament and agility to perform in numerous working venues as well as being service dogs.

The disposition of the Olde English Bulldogge is confident, friendly and alert. An OEB should be an animated and expressive dog, both in and out of the show ring.

The ideal Piney Grove pup:

Loyalty.  Courage.  Confidence.  Intelligence.  Eagerness to please.  Drive.  Versatility.  Stability.  Playfulness.  

I strive to consistently produce dogs of a certain temperament.  If you are involved in breeding animals for long enough, you come to understand that temperament is a highly genetic factor.  The Gallant line of dogs, which are the foundation for pretty much every breeding I do, are the perfect family dogs, in my opinion.  My Piney Grove dogs have been the perfect addition to the Gallant line.  Georgia, Peaches, June Carter Memphis, Memphis Girl... they have all fulfilled what I envision for my dogs.  As I go about my day, they are silent, impressive looking guardians who follow my every step.  They watch my movements with ears perked and eyes alert, and their movements are in perfect syncronicity with mine.  They are serious and restrained.  All it takes is a lift of the hand for me to tell them to go out the door or jump on the bed.  They do not even need a verbal command to know what it is they are supposed to do next, and this is all accomplished without structured, formal training.  It is a natural state of things.  They anticipate their owner's needs and work to fulfill those wishes.  But, they are always ready to have fun.  They are the type of dog that can lay inside all winter on the couch, being lazy, and not being destructive just because they are understimulated, but when spring comes, they are ready to get to work at playing hard.  They are perfectly respectful of children, and show utter and complete submission to the little ones.  But at the same time, they will let out a warning bark if and jump to attention if they hear a strange noise outside of the house.  They never bark neurotically, but easily go on alert if need be.  My mail man would never have to worry about entering my yard, but if a thief came in the night and tried to harm our family, our dogs would be great allies.  So that I'm fair, I will detail the more difficult aspects of their temperaments.  My dogs must be socialized to small animals and other dogs throughout their early lives so that they behave properly when they are adults.  Their protective instincts make them the type of dog that will likely make a strange animal sorry for entering your yard, unless they have been trained to reign it in.  But, all in all, I find them to be, the ideal family dog.  

Dear Possible/Current OEB Enthusiast,

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 1:45 AM

I want to help those interested in becoming involved with this breed to become informed breed enthusiasts. There are definitely some confusing aspects to this breed. Some may have questions such as: Why do different OEB's from different parts of the world look so different? Why do some registries claim to have the only true OEB's? Are they really just a "healthy English Bulldog"? What's the best registry for the OEB and what I want from my OEB? The best way to get all this info, quickly and in a nutshell, is to contact someone who has already done all of the rather tedious research. That's me. :) Have questions about where they come from? Call me. (at this number 7067832142) Questions about positive and negative points about each registry. Call me. (or 7065108245) Questions about how to find an actual healthy English Bulldog if that's just really what you're looking for? Call me. (or 7069882988) Questions about how to go about the adoption process in general and what to expect from a good breeder? Or about dog behavior and how to discipline or reinforce your pet? Well, you get the picture...Just ring me up!


My purpose here is not to just push a puppy or specific breed on you, have the best sales, get the highest price for my dogs, etc. My goal is to be able to continue in my passion, help others benefit from the years and years of full-time research I've placed into this whole breed, and to have the highest adoption satisfaction rate possible for those who do decide that me and my dogs are the right fit. As a dog lover and former rescue/shelter volunteer, the larger concern for me is generally the state of pet animals across the world, and making sure I am a positive force in the lives of my dogs and in my chosen breed. I believe I have a very valuable insight into the adoption process and I would never withhold that just because someone's not buying a dog from me, and I would never be dishonest about information just to "sell" a dog.


The focus here at Piney Grove is to create one of the best experiences in adoption possible. While breeding quality puppies and dogs is a passion and ultimate goal (of course it is!), it is not the only important thing to consider for someone involved with animals for adoption. We encourage everyone who is looking into adopting a puppy or any animal for that matter, to expect only the best from the chosen breeder or rescue center. It is best when dealing with living creatures to only support those who are involved in the most ethical way. Producing a litter of beautiful puppies is something anyone can do if they purchase top quality breeding stock. (I'm sure we all agree, it doesn't take much for puppies to be beautiful!) But being involved with breeding animals is so much more than merely production. If production and profit are the ONLY considerations, then the welfare of the animals and the adopters is not at the heart of a program. Please support good, dedicated, responsible breeders and rescues!


It is good to support only those who have made it a mission to approach adoption in the most ethical, honest, supportive manner possible, and that is for the safety and welfare of the animals. We are always working toward improving the standards for how humans treat the dog population.



Piney Grove Kennel's "Mission Statement"

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 1:40 AM

Why adopt from Piney Grove?


We strive to offer an above standard adoption process. 

We offer lifetime rehoming support, so any pup or dog adopted from Piney Grove is insured of always having a home. If any animal we produce needs a home, it has one here at Piney Grove. But I very much try to screen my potential adopters and be completely honest with them about issues so that no one ever has to bring a dog back to me. So far no one has turned a pup back into me, so I must be doing something right!!


I have dedicated over 7 years of extensive study, research, practical application of responsible, ethical breeding and adoption practices to this one particular breed of dog, so you can be assured that when you adopt a puppy from me, you are getting the opinion and guidance of an informed and experienced breeder. This means that the 7 years of full time research and hard work that I've put into this can benefit adopters, especially first time adopters, who can sometimes fall into the trap of a well designed front for what is technically a puppy mill (a place that breeds with no other consideration than profit and production rate) or either just a person who got two dogs and threw them together, no knowledge for the ancestry, aspects of the breed, or even any general knowledge of breeding in general (a "backyard" breeder).


I do not limit sharing my knowledge and expertise to those who adopt directly from me, so feel free to call me with any questions about breeders or the adoption process. Also, you will always be able to find my contact information. I have a very transparent online presence, and that equates to knowing who you're dealing with even if you're across the globe.


I strive to offer the best service to my potential adopters. I always keep in the forefront of any interaction that adoption is a highly personal process, and adopters deserve to deal with a person willing to treat them with preferential treatment and the utmost respect. You are invited into my extended family when you adopt from me, and there you will stay. I do not treat this process the same as I would treat selling a TV. This is a baby and is a sacred life, and I am looking to entrust this baby's life with the wonderful people whom I serve.


I will NEVER make you feel like you are bothering me with too many questions or requests for information. I APPLAUD those who are very detailed in their questioning of me. It really does something to boost my confidence that my puppies are really finding the most wonderful home. So I actually enjoy a detailed question and answer session.


I will stand behind each and every puppy that I produce...for life!




Some Thoughts on Responsible Puppy Adoption

Posted on July 26, 2014 at 1:40 AM

This website is not only about "selling" puppies. (Quotations are in place around "selling" because I do not even like to apply this term to the process. It is an adoption. A lifetime commitment to a being that will have the mental acuity of a toddler child, with a lifespan of an average of 15 years. This is not the same as buying a TV on clearance.) I am always trying to add relevant information to this site. There are many issues concerning the Olde English Bulldogge breed and pet ownership in general. I try to include information that will help people to decide if this is the breed for their family, to inform potential adopters about any issue I feel is relevant to puppy ownership, and I also try to discourage "impulse" buying.


I feel that, as a breeder, it is my responsibility to consider issues relevant to my breed in particular as well as to pets in general. And, I want the very first thing anyone learns about me is that I am dedicated to always having open doors to any pet I place in any home. I take personal responsibility for these puppies. And I am here even if you find several years down the road that you are not ready to make this commitment. It is my goal, though, to help people to find the information necessary to insure that they are ready for a lifelong commitment to this animal.


I hope to present this information in an organized and engaging way. And I try not to clutter the site too much, although I find it hard to keep from doing that. There is so much wonderful and interesting information to be read concerning pets! I have found an article that I would like to lead with on my homepage, because I feel it is very well written and thought out, and that it is very relevant to my chosen profession as a breeder and to any and all pet owners.


Read: Worldwide Pet Overpopulation Epidemic This article makes a very relevant point about pet overpopulation. Although many people blame breeders for the problem, it is more complex than just too many animals being available for adoption. There are aspects of ownership that every adopter should consider. Although it is exciting to "shop" for a new puppy, to browse through all of these adorable pictures and videos and consider which is the "perfect" fit for you, don't forget that this adorable little puppy absolutely will grow into a dynamic individual adult with its own personality, needs, demands, and problems. While I want to make your search for your new pet as enjoyable as possible, I must consider what is best for the puppy. Know that he or she will not be a perfect individual, and In the same way most people would not create a baby and just abandon it at the first sign of trouble, such as colic, you should not consider it an option to abandon this puppy the first time it chews an inappropriate object or stinks up your home with an accident.


FACT: Dogs are messy! But with time, consideration, consistency, and a good deal of patience, your puppy will mature into a wonderful and satisfying companion for you and your children. And hopefully those messes will be fewer and farther between every single year. As the breeder, it is my job to put in the blood, sweat, and tears into my breeding program to help create a companion that will make you proud in relation to its temperament and its good looks as a bulldog, and also to try to find serious adopters who I have armed with the best information I have available to me. As an adopter, it is your responsibility to be sure that this animal is going to be your companion, "Till death do you part" and not just some accessory that you will tire of in years to come. Also, please consider what message you will be sending your children should you abandon any animal at the first sign of trouble. I do not mean to come off as harsh, but I do want to be serious about this issue. They are, after all, once and lil' babies. :)



Mandy Stowe Matthews

Owner/Manager of Piney Grove Kennels



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